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David Strauss

Michael Rivera

Matthew Bryant

carl sandstrom

stephen barry

john curran

tymn urban

matthew duffett

Chuck wirtanen

Greg Wilker

adam woodman

Lee ann vermeulen-roberts

Hillary sheperd

Marc understands me better than I understand myself sometimes

Seems strange to admit but it’s true. Mark has an ability to listen and process my jumbled words, thoughts and emotions, stir in my complacency and feed that all back to me in a way I can understand and process. Almost like combining it all onto a plate so that I can step back and

Craig Caryl

Big Brother Support and Guidance

I have been working with Marc for the past 2 months and it has been a profound growth period for me. Marc provides a strong container that is palpable both inside and outside of our weekly sessions. This container resulted in the wisdom he shared during the session unfolding and integrating into my consciousness and

Adam Woodman

Meaningful Connection

I knew very little about experiencing coaching before working with Marc, but I knew I needed someone who was going to both listen and push me. A series of personally difficult experiences followed by the globally challenging years of 2020/2021 made me realize that I was looking to rediscover my purpose and passion. With limited

Matthew Bryant

Working with Marc Wendt has been a joy and a challenge all at once

Working with Marc Wendt has been a joy and a challenge all at once…and it was just what I needed. I was hitting a wall creatively and found myself stuck in my own fears and cycles of depression. I initially reached out to Marc looking for friendship and connection. When he suggested that having him

Stephen Barry

Marc Helped Me Regain My Mojo…

Before I met Marc, I was at a point in my life that I felt stuck in my career and my relationships. I had achieved success in my businesses in the past and had a beautiful wife and two children and things were great. Then things took a turn and I hit some hard times

Michael Rivera

Empowering and Productive Coach

Working with Marc is something that I look forward to weekly. His methods are empowering and deeply inspiring. Even in just a couple of sessions so far, I have found myself feeling more focused, centered and have a better sense of self direction and drive to move my life and business forward. He listens, asks

Tymn Urban
Urban Design & Media

Powerful Presence

Marc has a palpable and powerful presence. I know Marc from men’s circles and was excited when he made the offer to take me on as a client. Before engaging in a coaching, mentoring, or student-teacher relationship with someone, I ask myself the questions, “do I want what this person has?” With Marc, the answer

Matthew Duffett

A Change in Perspective

I sought out Marc after dealing with many years of dealing with self-confidence and anxiety issues. Marc helped me to identify my problematic thought patterns and address them through exercises and pushing me to understand what was underneath them. In a time where I was uncertain about where my life was headed next, Marc gave

Doug A

Wise Beyond His Years

My work with Marc probably began many moons ago, when we were kids. He was always very wise beyond his years! More recently, he generously offered to help me with some business, relationship and personal goals and gaffes! I did not realize how much and what I needed to work on until it was all

Tremendous Heart and Intellect

Marc is a tremendous coach, supporter, and advocate. He helped me through a painful period in my life of concurrent unemployment and divorce proceedings. Marc helped me get back on my feet with a compassionate and challenging message of self-love and respect, insisting that there was courage in me and the decisions I had made,

John Curran

My Advocate Towards Success

I have been working with Marc Wendt Coaching for about six months. Marc supports my growth with strong, sometimes challenging, insights. Drawing from a broad range of expertise and knowledge, he continually encourages me to grow into the being I want to be. His adherence to honesty and accountability helps me create the lasting changes

Greg Wilker

This Could Only Have Happened With The Help of Marc Wendt

I needed a new perspective on long-standing issues that, by myself and through my own learning and application, I could not move past. I reached out for help through non-traditional means and I feel fortunate to have found Marc Wendt. I’m considered an intelligent, successful man, and yet, when I first started working with Marc,

Carl Sandstrom

Marc Wendt Has Significantly Guided Me

Marc Wendt has significantly guided me to be self-confident in many phases of my life. I not only have increased inner confidence but a voice to express my wants and needs through his guidance. Marc gives concrete techniques but at the same time, he stresses that expressing yourself from within is the only way to

Chuck Wirtanen

Nothing Less Than Transformational

My work with Marc Wendt coaching has been nothing less than transformational: these transformations ranged from gradual, lasting changes in mind-set and subsequent life-style choices to spontaneous, surprising epiphanies and deep deep personal realizations. He has not only impeccable coaching skills and integrity, I appreciated his openness, honesty, and willingness to share his personal experiences

Lee Ann Vermeulen-Roberts


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