I needed a new perspective on long-standing issues that, by myself and through my own learning and application, I could not move past. I reached out for help through non-traditional means and I feel fortunate to have found Marc Wendt. I’m considered an intelligent, successful man, and yet, when I first started working with Marc, I felt lost, alone, depressed, and confused that I could not figure out on my own, lasting solutions to my most pressing personal problems.

When Marc shared the sensation frames techniques my experience shifted and allowed me to focus and refocus on whatever it was I was dealing with at any moment. Through his sharing the concept and theory of victim consciousness, he helped me reframe my thoughts and perspective on the main issues preventing me from being the best version of myself. Over the span of many weeks, I began to see fruits of these new techniques, ideas, and practices. My relationship with my wife improved as I applied my new skills and knowledge in conversations that once tied me into knots. I received new acknowledgment at work as well as at my volunteer activities. This could only have happened with the help of Marc Wendt.

Now my life is free of many of the faulty or negative ideas and perspectives that I had created over my lifetime. They are no longer blocking my continued growth and I look forward to an even more successful future.