Marc has a palpable and powerful presence. I know Marc from men’s circles and was excited when he made the offer to take me on as a client. Before engaging in a coaching, mentoring, or student-teacher relationship with someone, I ask myself the questions, “do I want what this person has?” With Marc, the answer was and is a clear yes.

What I loved about working with Marc is that he challenged me. I am the type of person who can just keep talking and process myself through whatever is coming up without much input. While that is a valuable skill, I could accomplish the same thing by writing in a journal. Marc was willing to interrupt me during our sessions with an alternative perspective, and I found that to be extremely valuable.

I left my time with Marc with a clear understanding of where I can grow, and what to do next. He gave me clear practices, and I felt him with me every step of our journey together. The love is real, and so is the challenge.