My work with Marc Wendt coaching has been nothing less than transformational: these transformations ranged from gradual, lasting changes in mind-set and subsequent life-style choices to spontaneous, surprising epiphanies and deep deep personal realizations.

He has not only impeccable coaching skills and integrity, I appreciated his openness, honesty, and willingness to share his personal experiences that were very instrumental in my learning.

As an educator, creative artist and musician, and someone who has coached others in my professional life and practice, I knew his level of coaching was going to help me get through and beyond to where I wanted and needed to be.

Unexpected added value came to my relationships with my partner, colleagues and family members: I began to share my newly gained insights in a way that improved how I communicated with others and these relationships also improved along the way!

Is it any wonder that I highly recommend Marc Wendt Coaching to those seeking personal insight, real and lasting change, and more JOY in their day to day while dreaming dreams, reaching for the stars, and living their purpose.