I knew very little about experiencing coaching before working with Marc, but I knew I needed someone who was going to both listen and push me. A series of personally difficult experiences followed by the globally challenging years of 2020/2021 made me realize that I was looking to rediscover my purpose and passion. With limited options to connect with family and friends, Marc provided meaningful connection and challenged me to grow as a person. In our initial discussion, I instantly felt that Marc was the right coach for me. He wasn’t going to take my BS, but he was also going to listen. When I was considering a coach, Marc made it clear that he was dedicated to the practice. He explained the process we would go through together, the education and training he had gone through, and what might feel uncomfortable for me. In our sessions together, he pushed me to realize things about myself, and connect seemingly disconnected parts of my life. Marc helped me understand where I still needed to grow, where my strengths are, and how to continue to tap into them to make my affirmations realistic possibilities. Thank you Marc for the meaningful connection with myself and during our sessions.