My work with Marc probably began many moons ago, when we were kids. He was always very wise beyond his years!

More recently, he generously offered to help me with some business, relationship and personal goals and gaffes! I did not realize how much and what I needed to work on until it was all reflected through Marc’s astute vision.

As a writer, I can assure everyone that we all need an editor. So self-editing one’s life is even more challenging. Marc offers that laser-sharp look and perception that moves back life’s curtains. You know, the ones that we have constructed to hide behind, for protection. We cannot grow if we’re in hiding and biz owners cannot manage what they cannot measure.

I am so thankful for my time with Marc Wendt, then and now. He offers much-needed life lessons and actual advice, so we can move forward, out of our hideouts. It all starts, with you, with us, or me and becoming…centered. This way, Marc helped me see that our more grounded selves can better focus on others we know, love and work with, out in the wide world.