Pagan Anthroposophy – The Rising of the Sun in the Mind; Webinar with Joel Wendt

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On April Fools day 2020, Joel Wendt will present a 90-120 minute webinar entitled “Riding the Tsunami of Coming History in the Arms of the Holy Mother, aka the planet Earth.” 12 noon EDT April 1st. 2020

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A Hopi symbol, meaning: "Together with all nations, we protect both land and life and hold the world in balance.”

Joel is a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and, professional heretic.
This is a work of spiritual scientific investigation, American style. The writer confesses to being a Platonist, which means – fundamentally – a pagan, a shaman and an initiate in the Mysteries of the Mother. That said, the affirmative proof follows:

Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Science posits as basic truisms: Reincarnation and Karma. This means, fundamentally, there is (for most of us at least) no true death. Instead, an afterlife with trials, and houses of mirrors of deeds we might otherwise wish not to have done.

It is not unreasonable to describe the passage from the 2nd to the 3rd Millennium, this way: the Dying and Becoming of Western Civilization. In some distant time, a historian might try to write of a period of 133 years during which the collapse happened, and the Unsettling reached a crescendo. Might take someone a few hours to read about it. We, however, are living the Unsettling one moment/tweet/vote at a time.

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