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My Story:

I began my coaching journey at age 9, working with the children of my parents’ clients, during weekend workshops based on the work of Thomas Harris’ book, “I am Ok You’re Ok” Since then I have gone on to have a professional career in the film industry, and for the last several years as a Personal Coach.

I have completed formal coaches training programs with Ken Blackman and Alexandra Stockwell in their year-long “Coaching Dojo”, Brig Feltus’ “ReMember Institute Curriculum for Diversity Consciousness”, and Zat Baraka Elias’ “Men’s Wisdom Work Coaches Training”. In addition to the training I received, I continue to expand my personal development and integrity through ongoing transformational work with my own personal coaches.

In addition to my full-time personal coaching business, I administer a 3500 person Facebook group dedicated to quantum masculine development. I lead online workshops dedicated to developing men’s intimacy, EQ, and communication skills. I am a musician, songwriter, and screenplay writer.

 After decades in a career working for a successful film company, they were sold to a larger corporation. During this transition, I began realizing I could achieve even more in life by creating my own successful business. Shortly thereafter, I began working with business and personal development coaches, dedicating myself to the adventure of self-discovery, and mastery.

With the tools and daily practices I learned from my coaches, I took hold of my unique sense of purpose, drive, and clarity. Which, lead me to the success and personal satisfaction I craved. At first, it wasn’t easy, but, now I’m in total alignment with my highest aspirations for life. The coaching I received gave me the keys I needed to unlock my skills, passion, and drive for personal success, as well as my relationships with women.

Inspired and confident, I set out on a new adventure in life, a life based on doing something with my time on this earth, that had personal value beyond a paycheck.

I continue to do the work necessary to maintain my growth edge, and have the results I want in my professional life and romantic relationships. Which are now richer, more intimate, and sexually satisfying. I have learned to be more authentic and honest with others. I am powerfully connected to my daily practices, which form the foundation of my presence in the world and are the foundation for the resulting impacts in life for myself and my clients.

With me as your coach, you will be able to create new possibilities. We will identify and dismantle the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and create the practices and skills that you will use to cultivate the friendships, relationships and professional results you are seeking. While working with me, you will re-connect with your true desires, higher purpose, and personal power.

How I Coach:

  • I give my clients homework, tools, and materials such as books, work templates and practical techniques, which lead to quantum leaps forward in their growth.
  • I hold my clients accountable for their results. This teaches them the resilience and independence that has them go on to greater success even after our coaching relationship has ended.
  • I confront my client’s unconscious self-defeating and self-sabotage patterns and teach them to bring awareness to practicing new conscious patterns instead.
  • I teach my clients to use more succinct and refined communication skills.
  • I am warm, insightful and intelligent.
  • I am candid, supportive, and approving.
  • I encourage you to become fully yourself.
  • I challenge you to stretch your perceived limitations.
  • I unlock the subconscious limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • Together, we re-open the path to your core essence.
  • I facilitate self-recognition, reflection, and core desires.

Working with me you can expect to experience:

  • My clients reconnect to their purpose and build practical skills to continue to grow and develop throughout their lives.

  • My clients learn how to feel more, and grow their emotional intelligence which leads to richer, more intimate relationships.

  • My clients learn how to more effectively focus their attention and presence.

  • My clients learn to speak with authenticity and clarity from their open hearts.

  • My clients look in the mirror and know, without a shadow of a doubt, who they are, and feel proud of that. 

  • My clients learn how to expand their vision and awareness of what is possible as well as the practical steps to achieve the results they seek.

  • New insight into the possibilities that weren’t visible before.

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