The world is evolving so quickly. Humans are being called to match this velocity of change in our own personal development in order to manage the resources we have. I know that I am being asked to martial my forces every where I turn. Is that how it feels for you?

Is your body asking for better food, is it aching, and in need of healthier sleep habits? How is your relationship going? Do you have a partner you feel connected to? Do you notice when your energy gets diminished, do you feel distracted by all the choices in life?

How we spend your Time, Energy and Attention, plays a profound role in how much joy and satisfaction we feel. We need to have discernment in how we spend our time, how much energy we give to our goals, and what we pay attention too. How we use the power of yes or no in our lives makes an impact in our business success, our health, and relationships. This is the triple super power that we use to feed all the important goals and relationships we have.

We can all feel it when these things are slipping. We feel that exhaustion, frenzy, and addictive craving for distraction. Our friends and romantic partners feel it too. Distractions like drinking, binge TV, or porn are temporary fixes, but in the end they are leaving us depleted and gnawing at our self esteem.

The truth is, we have way more power than we use. So many of us could make the changes and have all the amazing things we want, if we could shift the way we use our super powers of Time, Energy and Attention. Earlier this year, with the help of my coach, I decided enough was enough….

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”
George Bernard Shaw

Creating the world we want, the life we want, is directly related to how we use these resources. How we invest our Time Energy and Attention is what creates our results.

As a coach, I decided to invest my T.E.A. in people because, I know that the path to a better world begins with how I show up. If you want some quality time, feeling the energy of my exquisite attention. Reach out to me….

it’s all Love.