It really doesn’t matter whether I am sitting on a stump, on the ground in the dried leaves at dawn, or on a log in the sand looking out at the sea, I am ruler of my personal sphere. Whether sitting at my desk in a cubicle, a corner office, or driving a bus, this seat is the center of my power to rule my life. Each breath, each action, each moment, is within my power to own.

When I occupy my personal space intentionally, with heart, I am claiming the moment for my purpose in this world. Sitting in this truth, authenticity is my mandate, and trust is my offering. As my time in this seat unfolds, each day is a series of choices, each choice is mine to make. I breathe in and consider my desires, and reflect on whether they serve my purpose here, and whether they serve the people I love. As I breath out, I have good posture, my head is up, and my shoulders relaxed. I trust myself. I take the time I need to reflect and consider where I come from, and where I am going. Courage is my companion, and my heart unlocks the path forward via true desire. 

Sitting here in my truth, and impeccability, I have access to the power of the universe. I am connected to everything. I am responsible for myself, and committed to upholding the agreements I make with others. Integrity is my map, and with it, I light my own way. Sitting in this way, I am trustworthy, flexible, and motivated by love.
My throne, is not an edifice of my ego, or fashion statement. My throne is grounded in the reality of my own basic goodness. My kingdom, is as vast as love, and ruled by compassion for myself and all beings.