Creating The New World of Possibilities

In many ways, we are the new forefathers of our country. New tyrannies are arising out of old structures very similar to the historical context that was present in the early history of the colonies and the birth of the American experience. Large scale economic interests still displace the power of influence of the common people today. Taxes are used to fund wars, and laws are abused by corporations who have the money to hire lobbyists to negotiate for their special treatment. Coercion, bribery and blackmail are perpetrated on many of our public servants. The economic demands of running campaigns and competing for money create obligations and dependencies on big-money donors which skew the election outcomes. There is a system of debt, that looks very similar to the serfdom of 18th century Europe. The political parties are both ruled by money and the selection of congressional and presidential candidates is limited by the influence of the monied interests who finance the election process, as well as those who own the media companies and thus the message that is allowed to be part of the social discourse.

These conditions create barriers to entry for our new crop of young visionary candidates, as well as containment around the marketplace of ideas, which prevents innovation. This has created a high level of stress on every day people’s sovereignty and our ability to change the way we live together through voting and political structures and institutions.  We the people have less and less influence on what the rules are, how the taxes get spent, and what decisions govern our lives.

Why am I speaking about this topic in the context of Men’s Wisdom Coaching? The answer is in the monumental challenge this represents for all of us, and what it will take for each individual to engage their imagination and creativity so that together, we can manifest a solution to these issues. This is nothing short of an astronomical challenge, and something we will all have to engage at our highest level, in order to create the result together. We will all have to find a deep commitment, a sense of purpose, and the courage to step into our collective destiny to accomplish this. The good news is, that a solution exists. Humanity is capable of incredible innovation and ingenuity, we will find it. But we must engage fully as individuals seize our personal responsibility and lift ourselves up to meet our full potential.

I am on that path, I am pursuing my full potential in every moment, confident in my desire and certain in my conviction and persistence. My personal mission is to change the world, one person, at a time, through coaching. My purpose is to serve humanity and learn the path toward a new way of being in the world. I am committed to creating new possibilities for myself as an individual and for the collective potential of human beings as a whole. While this may sound grandiose, it is not about my ego, it is about appreciating the context of the times we live in. It is about getting beyond my own limitations and helping others to reach for their own pinnacle of performance. Because nothing short of that ethos, nothing short of that level of devotion, will be enough to shift the paradigm we find ourselves in. We must all abandon the path of comfort and rise above fear and our perceived limitations so that we can embody our true potential, overcome the challenge of what is holding us back, and step courageously into a new world of our own making.

Creating the next great era of human endeavor will require all of us to lift ourselves out of fear and doubt. We will all need to devote our lives to new innovations and discoveries of the next frontier of growth. This is vision is what my coaches have taught me to create for myself and the result I am committed to facilitating for my clients.

The American forefathers were far from perfect, clearly, they all had faults and their social context was fraught with conditions we can now look back on and clearly understand as horrific in their effects on human suffering. However, had the people of the 18th century become bogged down in self-judgments they might never have found the imagination to create the American system of governance. They might never have had the courage to take up the cause and create the effect of what was born into being oh those many years ago when we first began living up to the ideals of the dream of united states.

The 21st century is now fraught with similar conditions and the call to action is ringing louder than the liberty bell, so we must now look past our personal aversions and limitations, look past our faults and instead focus on the innovations, imagination, and integrity that will be required to do what must be done.

Indeed, contemplate that for a moment. What must be done? 

Each of us has a different picture inside ourselves that arises when we try to answer that question. This inner vision is exactly the exact point where your individual genius enters into the process. This is your calling, your purpose. What you imagine in that contemplation is unique to you and can be made into your individual mission. Many of us are confronted by what we know is required and might be knocked back by the daunting nature of the reality of what will be required of us to succeed. The lazy, weak part of ourselves thinks it would be so much easier to avoid the work and foist the responsibility on to someone else. This is precisely the wrong attitude and this lack of personal accountability and inaction is what has gotten us here. When each of you answers inwardly the question of what must be done, each of you has conjured your own image of the necessary steps. Perhaps you have no idea, or “believe” that you have no idea. However, I implore you to search deeper, listen to your conscience, there is an answer there. In your heart of hearts, your deep inner voice will speak to you and you must listen. Listen now as if your life depends on it! Do you have the courage to hear it and the greater courage and determination to do the work needed to bring it to a successful result? Our survival as a species, the survival of most living beings on the planet, depends on each of us stepping forward beyond our comfort and excuses.

Fortunately, we have a great many precedents in history to teach us, to show us a model for such vision and courage. All our heroic stories provide the necessary symbolism and instruction for what must be done. They inspire us and remind us of the innate power of the individual to create a new possibility, a new vision for reality. There is something powerful that you feel when you watch or read these stories, something within you comes alive and your heart beats faster because it recognizes itself in others’ courage. Once again, your inner world is the most potent compass to guide your endeavor. What does your heart tell you? What does your inner voice have to say? These are your gifts. For some, it may be simple tasks like growing healthy food for others to eat or being the best teacher in school. We are all different, so each of us have different gifts. For some, it will be to write the framework for a new set of laws and initiatives to construct a fair and open society, for others it will be to train young people in courageous disciplines of martial arts or mathematics. Then we weave a community together based on these inner gifts and how we bring them to each other.

My personal desire, the powerful message that comes from within me, is to help as many people find their calling as possible. To listen with my whole heart, and offer reflection, feedback, and encouragement so that each person is able to discern their own inner beauty, their own true imagination, “their” gift and purpose in this world. My joy and elation come from reconnecting each of my clients to the nature of their own inherent power, their basic goodness, and human qualities. I live to help them see their uniqueness and the fire of desires that are in their heart of hearts. My joy is to reconnect them with their own power, skills, and tools that will enable them to step forward and become what is most needed in their particular biography and the context of their life. Rising to meet their purpose and the recognition of their value and the importance of their individual contributions.

My purpose also includes speaking up about my own ideas as well. Coaching is one path, that I walk, but I am a multidimensional man, I have other contributions to make as well. I have a vision for a worldwide change!

How about the United States of Earth! Imagine a representative democracy that used technology to facilitate decisions of governance on a global scale. But the decisions are made locally in each community. Imagine teleconferencing that allowed us to convene in vast numbers beyond the Senate and House as they are currently structured. Use technology to craft representation that is increased by powers of a magnitude never before imagined. Imagine a whole new democracy based on a new format. A format that was free from corruption, undue influence, and coercion. One that used technology and sheer numbers of representatives, to make decisions freely and for the betterment of the planet, broader economic abundance, and healthier ways of life for all living beings. What if every cell phone was a portal to personal leadership, an access point for massive numbers of us to be counted among the deciders, instead of a top-down elite making decisions for all of us en masse. Imagine technology giving each of us as individuals, and as a community, a method that shapes the big picture! For years the promise of America was liberty and justice for all, but sadly it falls so short largely because of corruption and systemic breakdown. Imagine a global version where those things are replaced with a system of enabling a functional system based on equal justice, free enterprise, and religious freedom. Imagine a global world where you could actually go and talk to your government representatives and have influence on the decisions directly through your own participation.

Ah…. I can hear the skeptics’ voices now, forming in the ether. But before you become one of them, just remember, back in the formation of America, it seemed impossible that a bunch of colonists could beat back Brittain, the greatest organized military force on earth. If you could have bet odds in Vegas back then, if they just decided based on the presumptions of power or rather the assumption of their own powerlessness, America would never have succeeded. But it did, Against all odds a bunch of ragtag colonists with the help of the Iroquois and the confederacy of the 6 tribes, beat the British and the French. Desire, vision, and mutual cooperation overcame the odds and triumphed. The American story is full of tragedy, genocide, and betrayal as well, but it is still the hope of many, a society that in principle represents the aspirations of people everywhere who yearn for freedom. Our world history, and the human story, in general, is full of heroic causes and quests that looked foolhardy and impossible at the outset. Yet through imagination, perseverance, and commitment, humans have achieved amazing results. Against incredible odds, we created miraculous machines, like airplanes and 3D printers. Medicine has evolved and more and more becomes wholistic and yet doctors have performed amazing feats like organ transplants, eye surgeries, and Neurosurgery. We send information through the air, create movies that are limited only by what we can imagine visually, and we landed people on the moon. The power of our creativity is second only to the divine. We must not forget our true inner power and how it has solved many of the greatest puzzles in the universe and discovered some we will not solve for generations. There is no need to give into cynicism, skepticism, and doubt. Don’t give your precious powers of imagination to visions of failure, destruction, and the degeneration of the potential for human civilization. Put your attention on the possibilities! Give life meaning, breathe fire into the possibilities inside your own heart, and be willing to die for something that matters greatly!

Breathe in and recognize your own power to make a difference in what happens, for yourself, and for the future of all living beings! Use your inner vision to create the “new world” of possibilities.