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Are you are ready to be honest with yourself, ready to do whatever it takes to create new results in your life? Are you courageous enough to see beyond your blind spots?  Are you “ALL-IN” on achieving  your goals?

Are you looking to move past the old story of “potential” and do what it takes to become an inspiring leader that others look up to? Don’t let success elude you any longer, schedule a free connection call with Marc Wendt and learn how to become an inspiring leader!


Discover the finer points of self-mastery, increase your performance at work, and make improvements in your strategic vision, focus, and confidence. Lead the way in your personal and professional relationships. Uncover your blind spots and learn what it is really going to take for you to create the type of life you want. 

Is communication an issue with your partner, children, or colleagues? You can learn how to craft conversations and relationships in ways that move your organization forward and create impact!

Are you the bottleneck? Are you willing to take 100% responsibility for your organization? Then get the coaching you need, so you can inspire people in ways that are beyond their pay packages and create powerful tools that are 1000 times more effective than the negative culture of consequence based motivation. 


You can learn to practice a new mindset. Coaching will teach you the disciplines and commitments that are the new blueprint for success. Coaching will help you develop the skills and provide you with accountability you need in order to practice them effectively enough to reach your goals. You can learn the secrets of how to inspire others when you speak. Lead with the authenticity and clarity that will inspire your team and your partner at home. Creating the results that you truly desire in your professional and personal relationships.

As part of the coaching process, you can learn how to focus your attention and presence effectively. The result will be powerful self-awareness, people will see and hear you in new ways.

Are you courageous enough to learn how to grow your emotional intelligence, communicate effectively, and inspire others to join you on the adventure of your life? Are you ready to do the work that leads to creating the results you, your family, and colleagues expect from you? Book a call now with Marc Wendt and get started.

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I became a coach after a 21 year career in the film industry that was so magical and amazing, I wasn’t sure how to top it. After the company was sold to a larger corporation and I was laid off, I began training as a personal coach. Since then I’ve graduated from several programs and initiations: the Buddhist Studies Institute; Meditation Instructor Training, the Men’s Wisdom Work; Men’s Coach Training, Pod Leader for The New Masculine Program, Ken Blackman’s; Coaching Dojo, The Ignited Man program, Orgasmic Meditation training levels 1 & 2, and an alumnus of the Remember Institutes’ Curriculum for Diversity Consciousness.
Marc’s skills as an have earned him a spot on the Coach Foundation‘s list of top emotional intelligence coach.

Integrity – Ingenuity – Innovation

“Creating the life I love through service and study.” 

Marc Wendt

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